Wednesday, November 9, 2016

My Take on Today...

I woke up in a very different world this morning.  To say I am relieved would be an understatement.  Of all that will be said today, ultimately the results are exactly as God intended.  

For the last 2 years we have watched a nation come undone by dirty politics and devious natures.  We have witnessed human pit again human in what often felt like a fight to the death.

We have hurled toward election day with alarming pacing.  Each candidate one upped each other over who had the dirtiest scandal in their past.  I believe history speaks volumes on who what the dirtiest.  

I went to bed last night pleading with God that he calm the anxiety, fear and worry I felt over the results and what those would mean.  My husband was convinced that we were in for a battle.  I was counting on people being exhausted from politics and head a different direction.  I don't know that the direction is the right one, but it certainly would be an improvement over the chaos we would have to live with otherwise.  

This morning, I was surprised that I was right, but that I was at peace about it.  While I understand how angry people are that their candidate was not elected, I am grateful.  

I am not saying that I think the candidate who won was the best for the job, but it does help that he, indeed, is NOT a politician.  Maybe now we can begin to bring back order and standards to our nation.  I believe this person ran because he was just as angry as I am, as it seems a majority of the nation too, with results our nation produce when politicians get in the way.  Their greed, pride and hunger for control keep them from doing their job.  One that was intended to be a SERVICE not a career.

I don't know anything about what the future might be like.  I do know that today, I can be at peace.  

I have peace, not because of my faith in a person, but because of my faith in a loving Father.  This may be a time God has given for us to grown stronger and more resilient to the enemy.  

Many can argue that peace should be a state of existence for us as believers.  But, if God is who He says He is, then He knows we don't dwell in peace all the time.  He expects that we will be scared, worried, upset, ashamed or angry.  We are created BY Him to live and reflect His image.  But we are also flawed by a broken world directly affected by sin.  It is like looking into a cracked mirror.  Your image is there, just not a perfect copy.  

The beauty of God's grace is that He knows the image doesn't look like it should, yet, sees it as complete because of the work His Son's blood has done in us.  He understands that we are sheep and don't understand everything, so it is natural for us to be emotional.  We can go to Him with those emotions, and as a Good Shepherd, he cares for us and our needs.  

God is completely sovereign and if the results had been different, it would have been because he ordained it that way.  I should have peace no matter what.  I can trust His plan as good and right for us. 

I don't know what this new president will be like, and I certainly don't pretend that he is an answer to pray.  What I do pray is that God will be working in this man's life to bring our nation hope.  Our Good Shepherd knows what his sheep need.  

A sweet friend shared this poem with me.  It helped me remember that no matter the results, the circumstances I face, the emotions I can't speak, my Good Shepherd knows and is taking care of me.  Of us.

There’s a peace here in the green valley;

Along the edge of the brook I lay down.
You’ve led me here to rest my soul, so weary;
For a more tender and true Shepherd cannot be found.

Over mountains and along steep, rocky crags,
I hear Your voice, and love is the sound,
Saying, “Stay near, my child, I’ll lead the way”;
For a more tender and true Shepherd cannot be found.

Though clouds descend and I can’t see;
And valleys of deep darkness are all that surround;
It’s then that You lift and gently carry me;
For a more tender and true Shepherd cannot be found.

The radiant evening sky is dusted with stars;
Nighttime isn’t dark, with jewels all around.
Your love shines forth, comforting my anxious heart;
For a more tender and true Shepherd cannot be found.