Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Side-note Ranting

I am just about frustrated enough with this day.

Dear Lord, I am really trying to keep my attitude in check, but it is mighty difficult.

I miss the days long ago when people stood behind their word;
when businesses cared about the product and services they offered;
when morals and standards were higher than the selfish, self-centered, easily offended, lack of discipline society that rules today.

I would appreciate it if parents expected the best FROM their kids instead of competing with each other for WHO is best.

I want the government to govern wisely, HUMBLY, and appropriately based on YOUR statutes. They should value what is best for the whole and not their pockets.

I want Christians to admit that there are flaws and sins we still struggle with and to do our best to make things right when those sins get in the way of building someone up.

I want my kids to get along. To trust that my son will guard and protect his sister. I plead that they would see value in each other and enjoy friendship.

More than all of this;

today I just want peace. Oh, and all the laundry done.