Wednesday, January 6, 2016

I choose...

It is the beginning of a New Year.  It is the start of a new journey.  It is just a start.

When there is an opportunity to start fresh, begin a new journey or habit, we are filled with hope about how it will turn out.  We want the very best.  We have the best intentions, motivations, and incentives.  The beginning of the year is when most people to start over.  Reflecting during the holidays on what is most important, we receive the energy renewal we need.  After a weary year, we are given a chance to put our priorities straight and take the first step.

I haven't normally participated in making New Year's resolutions, Even when well intended, lofty resolutions often become shallow, or forgotten. In the last couple years, though, I have learned that it doesn't hurt to reflect on what goals I am striving to achieve and what ones I need to let go of.

I have a friend who chooses a word each year to describe what her expectations are for the year.  A resolution of sorts.  Only God knows what that word will mean to her by the end of the year.

If I reflect back on the past year and choose a word now for 2015, it would be FAITH.  Unshakable faith.  How desperately I needed it during certain times.  It was such a challenge, but I learned a great deal and gained so much more.  How much of my journey could have been better if I had held even tighter to that faith?  I challenged God, wrestled with his purposes and often rejected the plans He wanted for me. Those plans completely disagreed with my own desires no matter how much it was good for me. I just didn't trust the unknown. Oh, ye of little faith!  Yet! He is greater still!  God is still working out in me the things I need to have faith in, but it will be a process that is life long.  I will forever need to cling to Him as I am STILL learning what unshakable faith means.

So this year, my word is CHOOSE.  Life is always a series of choices.  Just like I tell my kids ALL the time: "You are only responsible for YOU; BE THE EXAMPLE" This comes from the choices we make. Some choices I want to take back.  I can't.

I want to know how much God can do with me when I will CHOOSE Him.

I CHOOSE Courage.
I CHOOSE faith.
I CHOOSE to believe.

What will you CHOOSE?