Friday, April 10, 2015

Blessed are those mourn.

I love this tree.  My heart is naturally drawn to this tree.  It might seem odd, but there is so much that speaks to me about this tree.

 At one time this tree had large branches that reach into the sky. Its far reaching branches would offer cool shade in the summer, autumn beauty in the fall.  Every intention of this tree was to do the very thing it was created to, live.

During an ordinary day this tree was changed forever.  Tragedy struck and took away the large branches.  This tree was broken and stripped of some of its beauty without warning. 

A tornado ripped through a small town and brought destruction in its wake. 

It was incredibly sad that so much nature altered the lives of the those who lived in this town. But, there is something incredible that happens here.  It reminded me of something. 

It reminds me of how often we are living life as God created us to when tragedy would strike.  External events aside, it is the internal events that often can be the longest to recover from.  

Hurtful words, betrayal, lies, sin.  All things that can break us.  Whether God allowed it to happen in our lives, or caused by our own choices, we can be like this tree.  

I am like this tree.  Sometimes it isn't just the bad or wrong things that cause brokenness in my life.  Sometimes it can be simply a resistance to change and grow as God pushes me to.  

I am in a broken period of life.  I wish that I could explain what great tragedy struck and knocked down the branches I had reaching toward the sky.  I just can't.  It could be the serious of little things, and quite possibly the big things all together.

It is hard to understand where you are in the brokenness. It is difficult to grasp the truths you know and use them to climb out of that place.

Christ said that those who mourn will be blessed.  Their blessing will be comfort.  It is a comfort to know that I will experience mourning.  It is as if I was given permission to experience that loss.

What's good is that my joy will come in the morning.  Not an actual time period, really.  But there is comfort knowing that my mourning won't last forever.  I won't be stuck this way.

It is the same with this tree.  Tragedy struck, yes.  Broken and scarred, the tree still stood strong.  There is sadness in remembering the brokenness, but there is promise of new life come springtime.

This is the same tree just a couple weeks ago.  There is still evidence of the broken places, but new growth has come too.  Each spring, more and more of the broken places will be covered.  Eventually we won't see it.  It will still be there, just as the broken places in us scar, but as we grow eventually all we will see is the new growth.