Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A series of events...

Yes, it has been awhile.  This adventure called "Life" never seems to pause even for a second.

After months of searching, applying, having to search again, then searching some more, we found a new home.

It was tough competition.  It seemed every option we found had a line of thirty or more people waiting for an answer.  Meanwhile, our landlord became increasingly anxious for us to leave as soon as we can.  While we hadn't done anything wrong, her situation seemed to warrant the pressure on us.  I don't know how, but I can only assume.

Months of dead ends finally ended when we found a house BACK where we moved from in the first place.  

It was so hard for me not to be worried about every detail.  Money, time, energy, space, and tension with the landlord were all factors.  We found a house only a couple blocks from the high school where my son attends.  

This was a HUGE blessing that we discovered more after the move...but not to get ahead of the story.

We saw the house and immediately called to inquire.  No one had applied yet.  We scheduled the showing, and even though there were others that came, the moment we walked in there was peace.  Something about the situation made us rest some.  We applied, and to our amazement, not only did we find NO obstacles in the process, we were the ONLY family to have applied.  The money was provided by God's goodness, the help came and even in the little things, God showed his kindness to us.

  Times of heartache and frustrations turn to gratitude for God's direction, even if I didn't agree at first or see the purpose then.

I was angry that we had to move again and I argued with God about the timing.  Moving day came, and we were blessed with many hands.  The home we moved to fit our family even better.  We had extra room, which was a great since the Lord saw fit to use our home in service to others multiple times over within just the first couple months of living in our new home.  Our hearts' prayer.

I threw a fit, yet God still carried out His plan.  He gave us great blessings completely free of what I did or asked.  I am so glad.  God knows so much more and I so grateful.  

Why do I list these events? It is good to recall what God has done.  It encourages you when there are seasons of struggle with few moments without.