Friday, May 30, 2014

If I were a butterfly

I love how the Lord reveals Himself through creation.  Pictures of His perfect plan, sustaining power and constant provision are everywhere.  Places that have never heard His plan of salvation still know that there is a Power beyond themselves keeping all things in their cycle.

The other night, I was standing outside waiting for a meeting to begin.  I noticed a caterpillar crawling on the flower pot next to me.  After watching the small creature for a few seconds, the thought came to me...

"Does a caterpillar know the process they will go through? Are they aware of becoming a butterfly soon?"

The Lord must have been working on me that night.  I sensed a theme.  During the meeting there was much talk about transformation.  Things literal and figuratively.  Physical changes in location, routes, etc, but also in the vision, goals and image of the whole person and group.

The whole time I was mulling over that little caterpillar.  Does he know what he will go through to become what the ultimate goal of his life will be?

So much can be gleaned from the process of a caterpillar to a butterfly.  What truly sticks out to me is the process of being transformed.

Webster's dictionary mentions one of the meaning for "transform" is to change in character or condition.

Romans 12:2 tells us to not become like the world but be transformed but the renewing of our mind.

A change in our thinking.

Change in our character or condition.

Most people don't like change.  They fight against it.  The fear of the unknown is scary.  We don't have the answers to what will become of us after the change happens.  Life requires us to constantly change.

People change.  Churches change. Society changes.  Not everything is a good change, but it can produce good in us.

Each time something around us changes, we are stretched and expected to adapt.  We fight it.  We like things that don't change. We can't stay caterpillars though.

A caterpillar molts during the process of transforming.  While he goes about devouring all things good for him and sometimes bad, he has to shed to make room for the growth.  It is is part of the process. He has to do it several times.

We, as individuals, have to go through that several times.

The situation that comes most to mind in recent months is the changes our school must go through.  We are being stretched and required to change.  There are the fighters against it.  It is for our good though.  We are shedding the skins of both good and bad to make room for growth.  It is needed.

I do believe that GOD is needing us to do this.  We are building our "cocoon" so that we can be transformed. Our condition and character will be changed.  The old things will break down and make room for new, stronger muscles.  We will bring Christ back to the head of our desires and direction. HE is building a testimony in us.  We will be transparent to others as Christ works in and through us.

What I hold onto is the promise God has given us in his WORD!  He IS faithful.  When we emerge from our "cocoon" we will have been transformed to a new creation!  The world will see us as something of beauty.  It won't be because of our own doing, but of the work God does in us!!!

My hope is that others will see the reflection of Christ in us as individuals, family and as a school united!  We will be transformed!  Our beauty will be from within.  It will be God's glory worked out in us!

Being the caterpillar is needed.  Without that there would be no butterfly.  But just as a caterpillar can't stay a caterpillar, we can't either.  We have to change.  We have to transform.  It is the will of our Father do that work in us.

Neither caterpillar or butterfly is immune to the world around them.  Just because we are a new creation, won't mean that we will never face adversity.  What is profound to me is the affect of that adversity.  No one notices the life of a caterpillar, but you will notice the butterfly.  God's power in transforming us will make us visible to others as He continues the work through our strengths and weaknesses.