Thursday, May 15, 2014

A milestone.

Sitting in the basement. It is cool and the sound of the Thunder game is on. Only a few more minutes before my 16 year old son comes home from a guys night out celebrating this major birthday! I am acutely aware of how I felt the day he was born. I had NO idea that this little man would bless my heart so much. My Heavenly Father knew exactly the kind of kiddo I would need and the kind of mother I would become to that baby. This sensitive, loving and kind young man has brought me so much joy, sorrow, hope and love. He is a physical reminder of God's provision. I love him fiercely and as I challenge him to grow more in Christ, BE the example, and serve with a whole heart, he in turn challenges me too. I LOVE the sound of his laughter. It blesses me to hear him when he shows kindness to his sister. Neither of us are perfect, but God knew we would be perfect for each other. Mom and son. A bond that is unique and special. Plus, I can't quite deny those dimples. Happiest 16th Birthday, son. I LOVE YOU!!!