Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I hope you hear His message.

Blessings - Laura Story

  I don't know what You are doing.  I don't know what Your plan is unfolding in our lives. I know that above all, I can trust you.  Each blessing is from You.  They don't always look like what I expect, but it is from You.  Your promises are proof enough for me that You are enough.

  Lord, you are perfect in all your ways.  Thank you that I can come under Your wings for shelter.  Thank you for your mercy.  Thank you for not always giving me what I want but only giving me what is best and brings You glory.

I ask, in Your Name, that today you would encourage us.  That you would be the peace we strive after.  That we see You as the JOY in our trials and our success.   Lord, I ask for  Your sustaining strength to hold me tight until the provision comes.  Show me wisdom according to Your promises.

In Jesus's name,