Monday, June 3, 2013

Slow and Steady- They say it wins the race.... hmm....

Among the time that has flown by I had surgery.  The doctor said it would be a 2-4 week recovery.  For me- make that at least 8 WEEKS!  It always takes me longer to recover from anything and this surgery was a doozie!

For two months I was limited to what I could lift, do, how often, where I could go and IF I could go, naps, driving, not driving, and the list could go on.

Let me tell you something. For someone who is more on the go then not, sitting, resting, taking it easy is NOT something that comes naturally. 

Of course it would be a good time to write, read, work on projects at home that are easy and light.  I did some...

I was really great the first two weeks.  Then boredom, frustration and lonliness set in. 

I did a ton of reading BEFORE surgery about the physical recovery, what I should prepare for, but nothing prepared me for the EMOTIONAL recovery.

Add to the the recovery emotions we had all the funerals, house stress, financial stress to boot.

I wish there was a great epiphany experienced during this time or even while I am writing, but since I am still only 8 weeks and counting into recovery....

This is more of a rant.