Monday, February 11, 2013


  I was asked to sing at church for special music this last Sunday.  I sang a song I knew pretty well already.  There was one line that I always get tripped up on and asked my hubby to pray for me that I would remember that line.

  Well, time came.  I got up front and began the song.  The line that I always miss came and went with no issue.  I can tell you that God still had a lesson for me!

  During the next verse I missed a line.  Instead of just waiting to catching up, I blurted my frustration out.  "Aaahhk!"  Then I found my place and keep going.

  The song I had chosen was called Gratitude by Nichole Nordeman.  It asks God for certain things, but knowing that God's sovereignty means we don't always get what we ask.  We instead are grateful for the lessons we learn to thirst, hunger and trust GOD.  No matter what the circumstance is.

  There are times in my life when I know for sure that the Holy Spirit is working and moving, and Sunday was one of those times.  I was reminded as I sang that I need to trust God.  It wasn't something I could miss.  As God reached down and whispered that sweet reminder, I held back tears.  I was so grateful that depsite my mistake DURING the song, or whenever, that GOD is there and I can completely trust Him.  I cannot trust my own efforts, but HIM ALONE! 

  Writing this it is hard because it isn't really something that you can explain.  Some thought I was upset about messing up the line I was supposed to sing and that was where the tears came from.  I wasn't.  I was touched that God cared so much to hear me and remember me during a song I was offering to Him as worship. 

  Here is the song.  Be blessed and encouraged.