Wednesday, January 30, 2013

With A Whole Heart.

 There are people who are born with an enormous appetite for life.  They hit the ground running to love, serve, bless, encourage and speak truth from day one.  This person finds a smile inside of the hardest heart.  To find a shinier side of the coin is their specialty.  The joy they have is contagious.

  My daughter is just sort of a person.  She has a HUGE heart and loves entirely and genuinely anyone.  She is creative, smart as a whip, caring, beautiful and has a heart that yearns to please God.  I am confident that she gave herself completely to the Lord when she was very young.  She wants to share who God is and what HE has done for them.

  My daughter is 8 years old.  God uses her in so many ways now even if she is young.  She is convicted to pray for everyone and grieves when others are hurting.  When my husband's grandmother was in the hospital, Katie sat next to the bed and held Grandmom's hand singing songs and telling her about Jesus.  Katie asked Grandmom if she was scared to die and brought comfort to Grandmom by sharing what Heaven will be like.  Katie was not quite 4 when this happened. 

  I tell you about her because of one particular way that she has been used recently to bring comfort.

  The man who runs the sound at church had to let go of his mom just a couple weeks ago.  She was a wonderful woman who loved Jesus and was looking forward to "going home."  It was sad for those who she left here, but after a long and blessed life, she was at peace.
Naturally our sound man took a Sunday off to be with family.  My husband works in the sound board alongside and Katie will help once in awhile.  When our sound man returned,  it was noticed that encouragement was needed.  I never would have thought my daughter would be part of that.

  Katie sings.  All the time.  She does not care who is listening or watching, she sings.  It is with a whole heart eager to worship God that she sings.  This is hard as a mom to teach her balance. This time I didn't need to interceed.  During worship that morning my daughter gave her best to God.  While singing, hands raised, eyes closed, she unknowingly encouraged a fellow believer and brought a smile to his heavy heart.  He was caught in a blessing he didn't expect. 

  What I didn't expect is the encouragement I got as well from that.  It was convicting to watch, knowing I have been guilty of withholding worship from my Lord.  She had freedom in her heart as she offered a song to God.  He showed up and blessed two people that desperately needed His touch.
                                           Katie and Grandmom, Sept 2008