Friday, January 18, 2013


So my car was having some issues this week.  I wish that I could say confidently that it was this or that.  The problems that would appear seemed to say one thing, but then seconds later it would be something different.  What really ended up being the issue was something chewed through wires that control the car's computer.  This is what the problem was.  The car had no idea what was truly wrong because of the disconnect.

As I write this, it came to me that maybe this was a lesson the Lord was teaching me recently.  You see, I have things that I am working through.  My "computer" (emotions, brain, heart, whatever we want to blame it on) told me it was this problem.  So I would try to fix that.  As soon as I began to work on that problem, the "computer" told it was something else.

All the time it was a disconnection.  Something had eaten away at the main wires so that the "computer" couldn't really tell what was wrong.  In my car situation, the theory is rodents.  For me, the rodents were disguised as bitterness, anger, frustration and regret.  It has continually chewed on the wiring that keeps me connected to my Savior.  Without that connection, I am useless.  I am a branch that has been cut off, no longer growing and producing fruit.

In the car, my husband was careful to examine the wiring, diagnose the problem and do his best to fix it.  I am so grateful that he had the knowledge to fix it.  It may not be a permanent fix, but it was enough.  Sure, we will have to examine and be watchful over it, but we identified the issue and know how to make it better.

Now the lesson is for me.  I have to examine the wiring and make the fix.  I need to lay before my God the sin I have entangled myself in.  I need to ask for help to fix the problem and receive his forgiveness.  The connection can and will be restored.  Just like in my car, the wires were not completely disconnected or chewed through, but it was just enough though to cause a problem.

With most anything, if it is not complete it won't perform as created.  This is how it is with us and the relationship we have with God.  We aren't complete apart from Him.  It is ONLY in a daily walking, clinging to, resting in, listening for, growing relationship with God can we be complete.  His promise to us was that He would finish what He started.  When we acknowledge that His Son paid for the debt we owed and ONLY HE ALONE can reconcile us to God, then we can be forever connected.

Nothing can take away that connection, but we can let sin eat at it enough to lose the closeness we really need.  God is so gracious to never let us go and loves us so much that He will catch our attention to bring us back to Him.  Even if it to let a critter or two chew on my car.

My God- you are above all and worthy!  Thank you for the reminder of your care and the grace I need.  Thank you for teaching me this hard lesson. I confess to you the sin that has eaten away the connection I need to You.  Thank you that Jesus has paid the price for my sin so that I can be connected to You.  Thank you for your forgiveness.  In Your Name, Amen.